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RE Agent Partner Program

Unlock Your Rolodex
Prospect Powerfully

Re-engage clients & new prospects
with a unique product

Up to $7,000 referral for each land sale

~3%*Commission if you bring us a buyer on the land

~3%* Commission for selling new home once complete

~3%* Commission for selling the original client’s home 3+ years later

Earn more with Yardsworth

A real-world example with a $1,000,000 Los Angeles home

Traditional Home Sale

up to$30K

  • $30,000 Commission (3%)

Yardsworth Sale

up to$80K

  • Yardsworth Referral Fee
  • ~3%* Commission Land Sale to Builder
  • ~3%* Commission on New Home Sale
  • ~$30,000* Commission on Original Home Sale

CA’s SB9 Lot Split Law makes this all possible.

How it Works

Yardsworth splits the property via CA SB9 into 2 unique parcels so new housing can be built.

Original Lot
Lot Split

Which properties qualify?

State law & local regulations place restrictions on which properties qualify for CA SB9 Lot Splits

Zoned SFR1
>1,400 Sq. Ft. of backyard
5k-8k Sq. Ft. Lot Size
Flat Lot (Not Hillside)
Not a Historic or Fire Zone

A simple pitch to a homeowner:

Stay in your home, keep your mortgage, avoid taking on more debt.

Get $100k – $200k tax-free for 30 feet of yard space.

Join the Movement

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* Agent has potential for future transactions related to this property, but Yardsworth does not guarantee real estate commissions